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Candid: A Tool to Report Workplace Mistreatment



Candid: A Tool to Report Workplace Mistreatment.


Social Design / App Design


MFA Products of Design, School of Visual Arts. Fall 2017


Candid is an app and tool which allows employees to easily report workplace harassment in a similar manner to which they report their time. With labeling on the communal office candy jar, employees are kept informed on their workplace treatment statistics.  With its three-part system – app, real-time in-office notifications/interruptions, and candy jar labeling – Candid reminds and informs employees that harassment is a workplace issue that shouldn’t happen as frequently as it does.

Workplace harassment is a serious problem with 75% of workplace harassment going unreported (EEOC, 2017). This is often because victims feel embarrassed, don’t know who to go to, don’t want to cause trouble, or don’t want people to know what happened to them. Candid helps change this. Candid takes the workplace candy bowl and transforms it into a reminder and conduit for improving workplace behavior and holding perpetrators accountable.  

App Prototype
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