Antya Waegemann - Designer and Creative Strategist



Let’s rethink how we pay, spend, share, save on insurance.


CoPay Insurance App


Interaction Design / Strategy / UX/UI


Lauren Budzich, Danielle Moalem, Ariana Nathani, Tiger Dingsun


Johnson&Johnson Design Intern Sprint
Summer, 2018

My Role

Research, Strategy, Concept and Graphic Design.


Create an insurance plan that increases transparency and agency over the money that is put into insurance plans. How might we include patients/customers in the pricing process?

Current Landscape

The United States has some of the highest drug pricing – which increases healthcare innovation but creates higher costs for those who need drugs. All un-spent money in health insurance plans is absorbed in the overall healthcare system, going back to the majority of insurance companies rather than the individuals who need it. Individuals have no say in the allocation of un-spent money, including people and causes.


An app that increases transparency, empowers consumers and includes them in the healthcare process. It extends access to those who need insurance but can’t afford it, creates a true community in a broken healthcare system and creates a sharing economy and new healthcare market. How does it work? Each insurance policy holder gets full transparency on their insurance account with CoPay. CoPay allows consumers to see where the money they pay for insurance goes, and if they do not use all of the money in their plan, they have the choice to either donate it, save it, or put it towards surgery or medications.