Antya Waegemann - Designer and Creative Strategist

Ice Cream Night Light

Delight is a portable night light shaped like an ice cream cone that sits by your bedside. Its LED dodecahedron "scoop," emits a bright light when taken out of its stand to allow the user to use it as a night light in the dark rather than stumbling to find the light switch.

TYPE: Product Design. Smart object with Arduino

CONTEXT: MFA Products of Design, School of Visual Arts, Fall 2017




Delight: The Ice Cream Night Light


3D Product / Storytelling / Video / Smart Object


MFA Products of Design
School of Visual Arts, 2017


Best Screenwriting and Best Production
Ice Cream Night Light Video
School of Visual Arts, 2018

Delight is a hand held night light shaped like an ice cream cone that turns on when it is lifted out of its stand.


What if there was more interactive solution to night lights? Currently, night lights either stand stationary in an outlet, or if someone is awoken at night they simply turn on the bright ceiling lights. But, what if there was a way to design an interactive night light and tell the story of the product in a short film?


An Arduino-powered ice cream night light that turns on an off with a magnetic switch when it’s taken in and out of its stand. The second outcome was a video of the user experience around the ice cream night light and how it might evoke memory and connection between two friends.



The Breakdown

The ice cream night light was inspired by a passion for ice cream and an exploration with Arduino and electronics. It's powered by a battery pack (located inside the cone), a small Arduino board, and a magnetic switch that turns the ice cream cone on when lifted out of the stand, and off when placed back inside it. The magnetic switch can be turned off, transforming the ice cream cone and stand into a bedside lamp or all-night night light. It’s initial prototype was a plush night light with a soft yarn and went through various iterations based on user feedback.



Video Narrative

In a project to create a narrative around a product, this short film was made to express the emotional connection that Delight could bring between two friends. The story is about two friends who share a passion for ice cream and a love for each other. After one friend moves away for a job, the other sends her Delight to not only remind her of the light of their friendship but to also have an object that represents their shared love for ice cream. This video won two School of Visual Arts MFA Products of Design awards for Best Production and Best Screenwriting.


Design Process

For the film, the challenge was to create a compelling story, narrative and film around an ice cream nightlight without using vocal scripts. With the ice cream night light as the product, I started to brainstorm around what different user experiences for the product might be and how those experiences effect human emotion and behavior. I then began to write out different scenarios for the script which led to a cohesive storyline that had a narrative arch and a way to connect viewers to the product and film. As director and script writer, I created and wrote the storyline around the product, created the visual mood board and direction, drew the storyboards, casted the actors, styled the actors, directed the shots and edited the video. My teammate Sophie brought the film to fruition with her assistance around the production, and video coordination.