Designer + Sustainability Strategist
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Pilot: An app to visually explore careers. 


Career / Mentorship / Digital App


MFA Products of Design, School of Visual Arts. Spring 2018


It can be difficult to decide what career path to embark on. The process can start at home or in school, and while there are parents, friends, family and guidance counselors to decide what might be the right job, for many, these guides are not enough. Additionally, there is plenty of advice and research out there on what sorts of jobs are interesting and pursuable but few that give the investigator a sample of what it's like and if it's right for that person. Pilot not only lets people take charge of their career choices and paths, but it also lets them sample different careers and see which one might be the best fit. It's as if LinkedIn and Instagram were to merge, focusing on career structures and opportunities but with a higher visual platform.

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