Antya Waegemann - Designer and Creative Strategist

Re-Ignite Website


Bringing WiSTEM women back into the workforce.


Re-Ignite Website


Interaction Design / Strategy / UX/UI


Danielle Bertone, Ariana Nathani, Tiger Dingsun, Katie Klima


Johnson & Johnson Design Intern Project
Summer, 2018

My Role

Project Manager, Research, Strategy, Concept and Graphic Design.


Redesign the Re-Ignite website to be able to reach the female professional audience through numerous channels, and offering support and resources for all issues facing sustaining a career and recruitment.

Current Landscape

The WiSTEM2D Professional Pillar aims to impact professional women who are trying to sustain a career after joining the job market or struggling with recruitment after exiting the job market. The current Re-Ignite website, a specific offering within the J&J career page, is difficult to find, hard to understand and how to apply for positions is not clear. The current page:


A new web design that is easy for applicants to find and navigate through. Some other goals include: 1) Improve retention rates of women in paygrades <31 by strengthening their career at J&J 2) Improve the hiring of experienced women at all levels of the organization 3) Expand Re-Ignite Program to 50-100 professionals in 3 US & OUS location and 4) Expand the visibility & networks of women who work at J&J to build stronger careers & pipelines.

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