Antya Waegemann - Designer and Creative Strategist

SuiteTreats: Snack Bags

SuiteTreats are the perfect desk accessory for your favorite bites. Each snack container slightly camouflages your edibles through it's color-blocked bottom and translucent sides, while its flexible, dishwasher-safe silicone closes tight with a quick squeeze along the top. Each set comes with 3 differently-sized, nesting containers, so you can pack them, fill them, display them, and munch from them over and over.

TYPE: Product Design

CONTEXT: MoMA Product Competition in collaboration with SVA MFA Products of Design, Spring 2018

TEAM: Antya Waegemann and Evelyn Cheung



Stackable, easy to clean silicone bags that keep your workday snacks fresh and look great on your desk while you’re snacking.


SuiteTreats Snack Bags


3D Product


Evie Cheung


MoMA Design Competition
MFA Products of Design
School of Visual Arts, 2018



Create a snack container that easy to take to and from work and that looks great sitting on a desk.


Three size, stackable, multi-colored silicone snack bags. They are made of silicone to be lightweight and are easy to clean. Their material allows for affordable processing with one material and the color blocks give the bags a clean design.