Antya Waegemann - Designer and Creative Strategist

The Datalogue: An Interactive Design Exhibit

The Datalogue is an interactive, performative, participatory exhibition that was showcased at the 2018 Wanted Design in Manhattan, part of NYCxDesign week. The exhibit transforms the invisible process of online data mining into a visible, interactive process. It does so through a series of 4 interactions, through which a guide records their responses on a branded data card.

TYPE: Graphic Design, Branding

CONTEXT: MFA Products of Design, School of Visual Arts, Spring 2018

BRANDING TEAM: Ellen Rose, Qixuan Wang



What does your data say about you?


The Datalogue: An interactive exhibit about data privacy


Interaction Design / Branding / Graphic Design

Branding Team

Ellen Rose, Qixuan Wang


Wanted Design for NYCxDesign
MFA Products of Design
School of Visual Arts, 2018



Create a “punch card” for an interactive exhibit that records the participant’s responses each step of the way, and revealing information about them based on their responses.


A two-part “punch card”: first, a strip that records the participant’s responses through a hole or dash punch in the card the the participant carries around with them through each stage, second a “reveal” card that is given to them at the end that matches them with products at the exhibit based on their data from the hole punches.


The Exhibit

The interaction is a four-part stationary machine which emulates the systems and unmasks the consequences behind data collection. Though data mining is an invisible procedure that occurs through countless digital channels, the exhibition transforms it into a visible, tangible process. The Datalogue aggregates participants’ data points through a series of four tactile interaction stations. At each station, guests are prompted to answer seemingly innocuous questions. Each of their answers is marked on a card that they receive upon entering the exhibit. After the guest completes the final interaction, it is revealed that each of their “arbitrary” responses translates into a surprisingly accurate assessment about their personality—such as level of extraversion or conscientiousness.

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Branding Challenge

This was a collaborative effort between the 20 student class of 2019 in MFA Products of Design. The class split into different groups and as part of the branding team, our first mission was to create a brand, logo, and visual direction for the interactive exhibit. After designing the logo and creating a brand guide, we had to figure out how to best design a “punch card” that users would use throughout the interaction, that would reveal something about their data after a series of questions and be a design asset they would want to take home with them. Additionally, because there were student workers who were punching each card at each station, the card needed to be easy for the puncher to understand and properly punch the data.

My Role

As one of the three on the branding team, I led the development and execution of the graphic design. This included designing and compiling the brand guidelines, assisting with refining the logo, selecting typography and color palettes and was responsible for designing The Datalogue punch card.